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Welcome to the Claim Your Justice Facebook Live Stream, I’m attorney Keith Shindler. I look forward to providing you with valuable and useful information regarding personal injury cases, and personal injury topics. Throughout future live stream sessions, I’ll discuss some information that you may consider basic.

However, I’m also going to discuss information that is a bit more complex. I welcome your positive feedback and questions, and I can be reached at 888-88-Keith, or you can email us here and message us on Facebook.

Who pays for the costs associated with a personal injury case?

There are two components of these costs. One is the attorney fee that would be paid to our firm for achieving a recovery for your injury case. The second component is the costs related to developing and winning your case. Let’s talk for a second about the attorneys’ fees.

With personal injury cases, the attorney fee is based on a contingency fee arrangement. What does that mean? It means that my fee is contingent upon winning your case, I only recover my fee after we win your case. That’s the contingency component of it. I don’t view that as a cost. It pays to have an attorney, it doesn’t cost to have an attorney.

The next piece of developing and winning a personal injury case is the cost involved in gathering your medical records. That’s somewhat of a basic cost, but sometimes it adds up. It can be thousands of dollars, depending on how much treatment a person had, how many doctors they went to see, how many surgeries they may have had, etc. So that cost generally adds up into the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Cost of Litigation

You also have a cost if we’re going to have to litigate a case. Litigation can get very expensive. Our firm advances those costs. They include such costs as filing a lawsuit, well, that’s obvious. Then there are other costs involved in taking a deposition, getting a deposition transcribed, hiring someone to go out and take photographs of a scene, hiring an expert witness, and so on. These are costs that sometimes aren’t considered. They add up quickly and are advanced by our firm for the pure goal of winning your case.

Medical Evaluation

There is also a cost involved in perhaps getting our clients evaluated by a medical specialist. For instance, let’s say a client has PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If that were the case I would want to send them to an expert who can evaluate them, test them, and then write a report. That’s a cost as well.

Or, my client could have an orthopedic injury and I want to understand what the permanent nature of that injury is, so I send them to an orthopedic specialist to have their medical records reviewed, get them examined, and then have a report written. That’s an additional cost. We work as a team here, together with our clients.

At Claim Your Justice, we care about our clients and we look to maximize the recovery the client can secure. The court costs are something every client worries about, and my goal is to help the client understand every step of the process as I work on their case. The goal is always to win for the client, and to recover the max amount of money for the client.

Contact Our Personal Injury Attorneys

This is just our introductory Facebook live stream so I don’t want to get too complex, or talk for too long (hopefully I didn’t put anyone to sleep out there). Please remember, for any personal injury case, for your friend, for your family, for yourself, or your coworker, call the attorneys at Claim Your Justice at 847-434-3555. Thank you and I’ll see you in two weeks with another live session.

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