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Injured in Illinois? Make no mistake: Your chance to recover maximum compensation improves when you have a top Schaumburg personal injury attorney on your side. Our law firm has the experience you need and will fight for your rights.

We have over five decades of combined experience in personal injury law and collected millions of dollars for our clients. We know the Illinois legal system backward and forwards. We stick with you and help you Claim Your Justice.

Call us now at 847-434-3555. The sooner you start, the better chance you have at getting the money you deserve.

Injured victims deserve justice. We deliver justice. If you or a family member are injured due to the recklessness or carelessness of another person, doctor, hospital, or corporation, monetary recovery may be available.

We are dedicated personal injury attorneys in Schaumburg, Chicago, and beyond. We help you Claim Your JusticeTM, facing off against even the most powerful organizations. We don’t back down until you get what you deserve.

Experience, Skill, and Tenacity in Personal Injury Law

Our personal injury lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience representing injured victims throughout Illinois. Insurance companies know us, and they know we mean business when it comes to protecting our clients.

We know how to pursue those responsible for your personal injuries. It all starts with a free, no-obligation, personalized consultation. To Claim Your Justice™, call us today at 847-434-3555. We offer home, virtual, and hospital visits. Plus, there is no fee unless we win for you.


Auto Accidents

Car accidents are among the leading causes of serious injuries. Our law firm handles the full range of traffic collisions, including car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, taxi crashes, semi-truck accidents, pedestrian collisions, and bicycle accidents. If you or your loved one were seriously injured in a car accident, call our lawyers before you speak to an insurance company. SJ Injury Law is here to help.

Construction Accidents

Construction companies have a duty to look out for the health and safety of their workers, employees of other firms, and members of the general public. If a construction accident occurs, injured victims may be eligible to a monetary recovery through a workers’ compensation claim or a construction accident lawsuit. SJ Injury Law is here to help.

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Premises Liability Claims

Property owners and businesses have a legal duty to keep their premises in a safe condition. When they fail to do so, serious injuries can happen. Our personal injury lawyers have the skills to handle the full range of these premises liability cases, including slip and fall accidents, negligent security claims, and dog bite injury cases. SJ Injury Law is here to help.

Wrongful Death Claims

Filing a wrongful death claim can feel difficult after losing a loved one, but it is important to seek compensation if the deceased’s death resulted from someone else’s negligence or intentionally wrongful act. It’s time to Claim Your Justice, and a wrongful death lawyer at our firm can speak with you today about your options. SJ Injury Law is here to help.

Nursing Home Injuries

You trust residential care facilities to provide care, not to abuse your loved ones. If you suspect elder neglect or abuse at an assisted living facility or nursing home, call us to Claim Your Justice. A nursing home injury can help you work through your options. SJ Injury Law is here to help.

Dog Bites

Dog owners need to step up and take responsibility for the injuries their animals cause. Unfortunately, they rarely do this of their own free will. It’s time to Claim Your Justice. An animal attack lawyer can help you decide on your next strategic moves. SJ Injury Law is here to help.

Information About Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law in every state is different. There are different legal theories that apply, and different municipal and state rules that could affect the outcome of your claim. Here are some important points about the system:

In Illinois:

  • The official deadline is 2 years for most claims per the statute of limitations (735 ILCS 5/)
  • Illinois is an at-fault system (you can sue for negligence and personal protection coverage is not mandatory in most cases)
  • There is no statutory cap on pain and suffering damages
  • Most injury claims operate on a modified comparative fault rule (735 ILCS 5/2-1116)
  • A separate Wrongful Death Act (740 ILCS 180/) defines the law when an injury causes death

Preparing for Trial

Most personal injury cases don’t go to trial. Instead, you would probably arrive at an agreement with the person (or with the other people) in your lawsuit. This is called a settlement.

A settlement is a binding legal contract that gets you the compensation you deserve. It does not require a judge or a jury — instead, you negotiate with the other parties. However, the amount you get in your settlement should be based on the amount you would have received in court.

How do you know how much a personal injury claim is worth? What would the court give you if you went to trial? The only reliable way to answer these questions is to prepare your case like you’re going to trial.

That means gathering all of your evidence, doing all of your calculations, and structuring all of your arguments the same way that you would in court. Preparing for trial takes a lot of work, but we do not back down from the challenge. We believe that this level of preparedness is essential if you want to Claim Your Justice.

Can You Afford a Lawyer?

Yes: You can afford a top personal injury lawyer here at our firm. The consultation is free and we do not charge any initial fees.

We work on a contingency fee schedule. That means our only chance of getting paid is if we help you recover damages. Really: We don’t get paid until you do.

Don’t go it alone. We charge nothing upfront, and nothing at all until we recover for you. In fact, you might not be able to afford your future if you try to pursue the claim yourself.

We might even be able to improve your immediate financial situation in some cases. We understand the financial side of injuries. Give us a call now to get started — don’t wait until things get out of control.

Can I Sue if a Family Member Died?

Yes: In some situations, you can sue on behalf of a family member. The most common situation would be starting a claim when you are a:

  • Parent of an injured person
  • Adult child of an injured person
  • Spouse of an injured person

Illinois law lets people start personal injury cases when they lose loved ones. We would pursue justice on behalf of your relative, and you could receive the compensation your family needs to survive and maintain your way of life.

When Can I Sue Someone?

You could file a claim against individuals, corporations, or governments if you sustained an injury due to their negligence. You would need to prove that they had a duty, failed to uphold it, and that failure caused you a definite loss.

Examples of breaches of duty might include a drunk driver crashing into you in an intersection, a dog owner letting a dangerous animal attack you, a doctor using hazardous technology to deliver your baby, a nursing home employing abusive staff members, or an engineering firm designing faulty automotive parts.

Injuries range: birth injury, poisoning, bruises, sexually transmitted diseases, pharmaceutical interaction, burns, traumatic brain injury, emotional trauma, whiplash, joint damage, soft tissue injuries, electrocution, bedsores, stress disorders, crushed limbs, blindness, and death are all examples.

How Much Is Injury Compensation?

Compensation for personal injury lawsuits in Illinois should equal the amount of responsibility times the total loss. This is called contributory negligence. For example, if someone was 90 percent responsible for your million-dollar loss, that person should pay you 90 percent of a million: $900,000.

What if you have more losses than one party can pay for? What if there are many people responsible for your injury? What if you are not sure how much you are to blame? These are complex problems with equally complex solutions, but we can help. Call SJ Injury Law to Claim Your Justice.

Why You Need an Attorney

The bottom line here is that the law is complex. You need one of our attorneys on your side — someone who fits all of the following requirements:

  • Obligated and motivated to act in your best interests
  • Knowledgeable about the law and the court system
  • Skilled in investigation, persuasion, negotiation, and research
  • Dedicated to your cause
  • Highly organized
  • Willing to keep you updated about everything that happens
  • Experienced

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Contact Our Schaumburg Personal Injury Lawyers

When you start an injury claim, you’re usually not just going up against the person who injured you. More often than not, you’re facing a powerful insurance company with a team of well-paid attorneys, a highly structured bureaucracy, and a mountain of rules, regulations, and forms to delay, distract, and frustrate you. We’ve seen it all before. We know how to cut through the red tape with arguments and evidence the other side can respect and understand. The experienced and aggressive Illinois personal injury lawyers at SJ Injury Law know how to Claim Your Justice. Call us now at 847-434-3555.

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We are highly experienced personal injury lawyers. We know how to help accident victims receive the full financial compensation they deserve. Our Winning Team is focused, dedicated, and sensitive to each of our client’s needs. We are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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