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Spring often brings sunnier, warmer weather, but there are driving challenges to be aware of. Keep reading to learn about spring weather driving hazards to avoid car accidents. However, if you have been in a car accident because of someone’s negligence, our Schaumburg car accident lawyers at SJ Injury Law can help.

Daylight Savings Time

Government data reveals more car accidents happen when daylight savings time (DST) is in effect. This data shows that deadly car accidents increase by 6% after daylight savings time goes into effect. The ‘spring forward’ change affects when the light is in the sky and how people sleep. Some drivers may be sleepier than they realize in the first few days after DST takes effect.

Fortunately, it is easy to avoid this problem. Ensure you get a lot of rest in the two or three days before and after a time change in your area. It is only one hour’s difference, but it may have more of an effect on your body than you think.


It is spring in Schaumburg, and flowers are poking out of the soil, so there should not be any ice, right? However, there still can be ice on the roads. The temperature may be well above freezing during the day, but rain in the streets can freeze at night. This may cause black ice, which is hard to see and extremely slick. Assume in the early morning that the roads are slippery and slow down if there is any moisture in the streets.

Flooded Roads

Flooded roads often occur in the Illinois spring. The melting snow and heavy rain can flood almost any street in your area. The smartest way to drive on a flooded road is not to do it at all. Instead, look for a better route if you see a flooded road. There probably are safer routes. If not, stay home.

Many drivers need to realize how powerful and dangerous standing water is. There may be only a few inches of water, but it can quickly make you lose control.


Use caution when driving on road shoulders in the spring. There could be ground erosion, and the spring rains and floods can make the surface softer. There have been cases of cars left on the shoulder sinking into the ground, causing thousands in damage. If you need to park on the shoulder in the spring, keep it as short as possible.

Spring Rains

Rain is a regular visitor in Illinois in the spring, so be aware showers can cause difficult driving situations. Staying safe in the spring rain means slowing down, turning on your headlights, and putting more space between you and other vehicles. Also, always remember just a bit of moisture and oil on the road can make the pavement almost as slick as ice.

Underinflated Tires

During the cold winter months in Schaumburg, your tires can slowly lose pressure. Science tells us for every 10-degree decrease in temperature, car tires may lose one or two pounds of pressure. Drivers unaware of this issue could drive with underinflated tires in the spring and summer. Underinflated tires increase gas usage, and tire wear and make the vehicle more challenging to control in an emergency.

Avoid this problem by checking your tire pressure at the beginning of the spring. If the tires are low, most gas stations have an air compressor to top off your tires.


There is more animal activity in the spring. For many animals, it is mating season; for others, they are waking from weeks or months of inactivity. Animals are most active at dusk and dawn, so watch out for animals darting onto the roadway.


As the temperature warms, you may notice more pedestrians and bicyclists. Always slow down when you see a pedestrian and be careful around crosswalks. If the pedestrian has the green signal at the crosswalk, they have the right of way. That means yielding to pedestrians and bicyclists.


Motorcycles are hard to see because of their size and speed. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident call (847) 434-3555. In a spring rain, seeing them can be even more difficult. So, take a second look in front of you and in your blind spots. Motorcyclists have the same right to the road you do. If you are behind a motorcycle, stay at least four seconds back to avoid an accident. Remember, a minor fender bender can be deadly if the other driver is on a motorcycle.


Illinois is notorious for big potholes in the spring. The combination of salt, sand, snowplows, and alternating warm and cold weather is brutal on the roads. The best way to avoid issues with potholes is to avoid them. However, if you cannot avoid an upcoming hole, slow down, then just before you hit the pothole, take your foot off the brakes. This will reduce the speed when you hit the hole, and the suspension will reduce the impact.


Driving in hail is not just bad for your car’s paint and body. It also is dangerous because of the combination of moisture and ice on the road. If there is any sign of hail, you should pull over in a covered area until it passes. Also, people tend to drive distracted in a hailstorm, so staying off the roads at that time is best.

Large Puddles

Major spring rains can leave big puddles on the roads. If you see one on your drive, it is best to avoid it; you never know how deep it is. Even on a road you know, heavy rain can create new potholes, deepen current holes, and even damage whole sections of asphalt. Even driving through a small amount of water on the road can affect your brakes, so use caution and avoid if possible.

Be Aware Of Severe Weather

There are a lot of heavy storms in the spring in the Midwest. This part of the country sees about 24 significant tornadoes yearly, and spring is primetime for twisters. So pay attention to the weather on the radio before driving and stay home if storms are approaching.

If you see a funnel cloud when you are driving, it is a dangerous situation. Drive away from it at a right angle. But if you are already in high winds, get your car out of traffic. Stay in the vehicle and keep your seatbelt fastened. Get below the windows as best you can, and cover your head. Seeking shelter under an overpass is not a good idea, so always stay in your vehicle until the tornado passes.

Get Your Vehicle Ready For Spring

Now that you know how to stay safe when driving this spring, you should ensure your car is ready for the road. Getting your vehicle ready for warmer weather is another way to be proactive about keeping your vehicle and family safe:

Give The Car A Complete Wash

Roads treated with salt all winter do more than make the car dirty. Salt is corrosive and will make it rust if it stays on the car too long. Look for a car wash that does under-spraying to remove salt from beneath the vehicle.

Watch For Rust

Do you see any signs of rust on your car after the past winter? It is always best to deal with it immediately. Search for tiny brown specks and stains. Also, watch for bubbles in the paint or a moist floorboard.

Small rust spots on the paint surface can be sanded down to the metal then primed and painted. However, taking the car to a body shop is best if you find a larger rust spot.

Put On New Wiper Blades

Ice and snow in winter are hard on your wiper blades. You may notice during a spring rain that your blades are smearing the rain on the windshield, not wiping it. So, replace the wiper blades every spring to ensure they are in the best condition. Then, when the first big storm hits, you will have a clear windshield, which is safer and reduces eyestrain.

Check Your Headlights

Driving in the spring in Schaumburg often means driving in hard rain when you cannot see as well. Good headlights are vital so you can see and others can see you. You should check the headlights, backup, taillights, brake, and parking lights. Many oil change facilities can change these for you while replacing the oil.

Check Tire Treads

Cold, ice, and snow can wear out your tires and cause them to deflate slowly. Check your tires for the correct pressure, tread, and alignment every spring. This also is a good time to check your spare.

Do A Brake Check

Winter is tough on your brakes. Between the ice, snow, and sudden slowdowns during heavy Illinois traffic, you should check your brakes to ensure they are safe. Check the rotors, pads, and brake fluid, or have your automotive professional do it.

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